Personal and Digital Private Investigation Services


Looking for a Private Investigator? Camandago provides access to Certified private investigator services. Camandago is a certified member of the Washington Association Of Legal Investigators.

Are you a victim or is one of your family members missing?

No matter the situation, Camandago can give you all the information needed to make the tough decisions easier and to support any legal proceedings that follow.  Reviewing the digital footprint of the victim and finding potential suspects that could help solve the case and helping get the word out through social media and the press regarding your  missing loved one.


Internet Investigations

Internet fraud, Internet stalking or harassment, web site histories as well as social media useages are issues we have experience with. If the case involves the Internet in any way, Camandago provides the absolute highest quality and most comprehensive investigative services to meet your needs!


Email Tracing is more than just telling you where an email came from; it is turning that email address into a real name and doing it in a manner admissible in a court of law.

Internet Profiling involves an investigative process to provide a client with the “Internet footprint” of a Target. What have they done on-line? Where have they gone? How many web-pages? Posting habits, surfing habits, interests, background information, social network data, business associates and much more. If it CAN be found, we can find it, and present the information to you in a manner that will be admissable in court!

Hire a Private Investigator!

Our Investigators are trained and prepared to handle any case. If you don’t see a specific category of Investigation that you are interested in, contact us for a quick, free consultation.

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